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Aim and Vision

The Norwegian Latin America Research Network (NorLARNet) shall consist of institutions and individuals in Norway with research-based knowledge about Latin America and/or with relevance for Latin America. It aims to serve five functions:

  • As a meeting place the network shall provide arenas for interaction (i) among Norwegian scholars/researchers of different disciplines and geographic location and between them and key researchers from Latin America and other countries, as well as (ii) between Norwegian scholars/researchers and other groups with an interest in Latin America. The secretariat shall maintain close contact with relevant existing networks in Norway and abroad.

  • As a contact point the network shall link groups with different capacity, interest and knowledge about Latin America, and facilitate access to expertise for user groups in Norway. It shall also be a link to networks of scholars in Latin America and Latin America related networks outside the region, and seek to link institutions in Norway and Latin America that may benefit from collaboration.

  • As a resource base and an access point it will serve anyone seeking information about Latin America in Norway.

  • As a promoter of further research and teaching on Latin America in Norway, it collaborates with the Research Council of Norway related to the Research Program on Latin America and other relevant programs. It will also aim to strengthen communication between research communities and user groups and promote the development and funding of relevant, cutting-edge research related to Latin America.

  • As a forum for reflection it will conduct and publish analyses of key events and developments related to Latin America with relevance for the activities of the members of the network.

The NorLARNet web-page will aim at providing information about Latin America research in Norway, make announcements of interest to Latin America researchers and to be a site for debate about Latin America related issues.

To inform about activities and seminars, comment on recent events in Latin America, or make research projects or publications known through the website, contact the network secreteriat:

Published Feb 17, 2009 01:42 PM - Last modified Nov 4, 2009 03:05 PM