First Annual Norwegian Latin America Research Conference: Contributing to a better future? The role of Norway based Latin America research

The First Norwegian Latin America Research Conference, hosted by the University of Oslo 12-13 November 2009,  gathered some 100 participants. The majority were  researchers based at a large number of Norwegian universities, university colleges and other academic institutions, belonging to a wide spectre of diciplines.

The available presentations from the parallel sessions at the conference can be accessed here.

Mariel Aguilar-Støen, senior researcher at the University of Oslo, has written down some thought-provoking reflections in the aftermath of the conference, titled “Después de la conferencia de NorLARNet: La goma (resaca, guayabo, cruda)“ (“After the NorLARNet conference: The hangover”). Read the article here.

The main purposes of this first conference were: 

  • to consolidate the network of Norway based Latin America researchers;
  • to present new contributions to Latin America research in Norway; and
  • to critically reflect over the role that Norway based Latin America researchers may play in the creation of knowledge about Latin American societies, culture and nature, as well as in the different political and social projects of development, justice, etc.


Images from the conference:


      State Secretary Håkon Gulbrandsen     Kristi Anne Stølen speeking at conference dinner       Benedicte Bull, Director og NorLARNet

               Conference opening

 Parallel session on Culture and Society    Parallel session on Natural resources: management, exploitation and conservation    Parallel session on Politics and Governance

       NorLARNet business meeting

          Hildebrando Palacios, Håvard Haarstad, Leiv Marsteintredet        Carlos Sojo giving keynote speech       Carlos Sojo, Bernal Monge, Pia Waehler

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