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First Annual Norwegian Latin America Research Conference:

Contributing to a better future?

The role of Norway based Latin America research

12-13 November 2009, University of Oslo


SESSION 1: Thursday 12th November, 17:00-19:00. Georg Sverdrups hus.

Natural resources (I): management, exploitation and conservation. Room 3527. Chair: Mariel Støen (SUM, University of Oslo)

Author (s)



Jorge A., Monedero C.

El Paradigma del Desarrollo Sustentable y su Instrumentación a Escala Local. La Prospectiva Ambiental como Enfoque y Método,  Etapa I: Diagnóstico Ambiental. Caso de Estudio: Municipio Caroní, Estado Bolívar (Venezuela).

Centre of Environmental Integral Studies; Universidad Central de Venezuela

McNeish  J.A.

On Curses and Devils: Resource Wealth and Sovereignty in Tarija, Bolivia

University of Bergen

Leifsen  E.

Conflicting interests in the Andes: The new extraction and the previous consultation principle

Department of international environment and development studies, University of Life Sciences

Morsut  C.

Energy boom in Brazil: Blessing or Curse?

International Research Institute of Stavanger

Aguilar-Støen  M.

The effect of migration and remittances on land use change: is there a forest transition?

University of Oslo

Natural resources (II): management, exploitation and conservation. Room 3521. Chair: Graciela Rusch (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA)

Lindholm  C., Lang D.

Earthquake Risk  in Central America


Kalsnes  B.

Landslide risk management in Central America

International Centre for Geohazards

Devoli G. Development of scientific knowledge, local politics and international cooperation, in relation with landslide hazard assessment in Nicaragua Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Gottschalk L., Krasovskaia I., Sælthun  N.R.

Renewable Energy in Central America

University of Oslo

Hermans  R.L., Lindholm C., Blikra L.H.

Megarockslides in the Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru: how technology transfer can lead to better understanding, monitoring and early warning of events


International Centre for Geohazards, NORSAR, Åknes/Tafjord Early-Warning Centre

Culture and Society (I). Room 3511. Chair: Steinar A. Sæther (University of Oslo)

Pedersen C.H. Reconstruction of texts-an analytical approach to explore meanings of socio/cultural categorisations and positionings Roskilde University

Solomon, T.

Performing Indigeneity: Aesthetics and Politics of Folkloric Festivals in Highland Bolivia

University of Bergen

Kolstrup N., Lopez T., Tafjord B.O.

Health care practices, offers, and choices among Mayan mothers in Guatemala and Mexico

University of Tromsø

Poverty, inequality and human development (I). Room 3512. Chair: Asunción St. Clair (University of Bergen)

Roth L., Metais J., Leer  L.

Social movements in Mexico and the making of rights 

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, EHSS, Finnmark University College

Leer L.

Gender and complex legal pluralism in Mexico and Bolivia.

Finnmark University College

Haarstad  H.

Extracting for equality? Bolivia’s challenges of turning gas into human development

University of Bergen

Wiig  H., Fuentes D.

Closing the gender land gap? The effects of rural land titling on women in Peru

Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research

Politics and governance (I). Room 3513. Chair: Einar Berntzen (University of Bergen)

Skaar  E.

Explaining post-transitional justice in Chile

Chr. Michelsen Institute

Sønneland  A.M.

Transitional justice in Argentina

Diakonhjemmet University College 

Lid K.A.

Land Restitution in Transitional Justice - The case of Colombia

University of Oslo

Aasmundsen  H.G.

Religion og politikk i Argentina; Pentekostale og katolikker i det offentlige rom

Sødertørn Høgskola i Stockholm



SESSION 2: Friday 13th November, 11:00-13:00. Georg Sverdrups hus.

Natural resources: management, exploitation and conservation (III). Room 3513. Chair: Evelyn Hoen (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, NORAD)

Palacios-Berrios  H.

Climate change and landscape dynamics. Assessing environmental trends in relation to climate change in the Tropical Andes

University of Bergen

Chinga-Carrasco G., Syverud K.,Toledo Soto J.,Toledo P.G.,Øyaas K., Gregersen Ø.

A survey of Chilean natural resources - focus on novel materials and bio-energy solutions

Paper and Fibre Research Institute, Universidad de Concepción, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Cepeda  J.

Landslide hazards in Central America and the Caribbean: climate change, early-warning systems and land-use planning.

University of Oslo and International Centre for Geohazards

Klingen, I.

Biological control of plant pest in Latin America and Norway
- Exchanging knowledge and technology for successful control, reduced pesticide use and increased ecomarkets.

Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Reseach

Rusch. G.

Functional diversity, a conceptual framework to design multi-functional silvopastoral systems in Nicaragua

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)

Culture and Society (II). Room 3511. Chair: Steinar A. Sæther (University of Oslo)

Alvstad  C.

Prefaces as a Site of Cultural Translation. Representations of Latin America in Scandinavian Translations of Latin American Literature.

University of Oslo

Eide  L.

Discourses on Latin America in Norwegian textbooks for Spanish as a foreign language

University of Bergen

Arce Cortes  T.

Metal is a war scream, and Goth a cry: Norway and Mexico

Universidad Iberoamericana

Sæther  S.

Norwegians in Latin America before 1940

University of Oslo

Poverty, inequality and human development (II). Room 3512. Chair: Asunción St. Clair (University of Bergen)

Solis Coello  D.A.

Bureaucracy and social policy. How can the current reform policy can be modified by social interactions

Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Martinez, O.

Los efectos de las transferencias del programa Oportunidades de México en la disminución de la pobreza

Universidad Iberoamericana

Guillen-Royo M.

Reference group consumption and the subjective wellbeing of the poor in Peru

University of Oslo

Lothe  E.A.

Children of Former Political Prisoners in Chile -Long term Implications for Resilience and Mental Health

University of Bergen and Lovisenberg Deaconal University College

Politics and governance (II). Auditorium 1. Chair: Einar Berntzen (University of Bergen)

Flores C. Drug trafficking, violence, corruption and democracy in Mexico Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social and University of Oslo

Krøvel R.

Guerrilleros writing and talking on revolution and indigenous peoples in Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua from 1960 until 2000.

Oslo University College

Stølen  K.A.

“Somos Revueltos”: Community and Identity among Guatemalan Returnees

University of Oslo

Bonilla  J.

Honduras: Profunda Crisis Democrática y Debilitamiento del Estado de Derecho 

Centro de Documentación de Honduras 

Marsteintredet L.

Variation of executive instability in presidential regimes: Three types of presidential interruption in Latin America

University of Bergen

Economy, industry, business and markets. Room 3522. Chair: Henrik Wiig (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, NIBR)

Plahte  J.

Strategic evaluations and techno-economic networks. Articulation of interests related to public health and commercialism in the Cuban biotech sector and vaccine industry.

University of Oslo

Meyer  F.

Looking at the Feet of an Elephant. Work and live at two Nodes of a Transnational Commodity Chain: the Cases of Porto Trombetás (Brazil) and Årdal (Norway)

Oslo University College

Bull  B.

Confronting Transnationalization: the Economic, Environmental, and Political Strategies of Central American Economic Groups

University of Oslo


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