NorLARNet literature report – Article and Book Chapters 2010-2011


Article and Book Chapters




Aguilar-Støen, Mariel; Angelsen, Arild; Stølen, Kristi Anne; Moe, Stein Ragnar; “The Emergence, Persistence, and Current Challenges of Coffee Forest Gardens: A Case Study From Candelaria Loxicha, Oaxaca, Mexico”; Society & Natural Resources; Vol. 24, Issue 12, p. 1235-1251.

Alvstad, Cecilia; Är det bara vita, heterosexuella män som skriver skönlitteratur i Latinamerika? Om att undersöka skandinaviska konstruktioner av en fjärran kontinents litteratur; in Litteratur i granszonen. Transnationella litteraturer i översättning ur ett nordiskt perspektiv. Högskolan Dalarna, p. 159-173

Andersen, Trond; Mendes, Humberto Fonseca; Hagenlund, Linn Katrine; “A new species of Colosmittia Andersen et Sæther from Costa Rica (Chironomidae: Orthocladiinae)”. Biota Neotropica, Vol. 11, Issue 3, p. 1-4.

Andersen, Trond; Mendes, Humberto Fonseca; Pinho, Luiz Carlos; “A new species of Saetherocryptus Andersen et Mendes, 2007 from Brazil (Diptera: Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae), Biota Neotropica; Vol.11, Issue 4, p. 1-4.

Askeland, Gurid Aga and Sønneland, Anne-Margrethe; “You will never again be a Chilean like the others : From diaspora to diasporic practices among Chilean refugees returning from exile”, Journal of Comparative Social Work, Vol. 7, Issue 1, p. 1-18.

Augustsson, Carita; Rüsing, Tobias; Adams, Christopher J.; Chmiel, Hannah; Kocabayoglu, Mert; Büld, Mareike; Zimmermann, Udo; Berndt, Jasper; Kooijman, Ellen; “Detrital Quartz and Zircon Combined: The Production of Mature Sand with Short Transportation Paths Along the Cambrian West Gondwana Margin, Northwestern Argentina”; Journal of Sedimentary Research 2011 ;Vol. 81, Issue 3-4, p. 284-298.

Bertolino, S.R.A.; Zimmermann, Udo; Galvan, V; Laguens, A.; Composicion mineralogica y quimica y posible proveniencia de cerámica pre y post-hispánica del Valle del rio Copacabana, Noroeste de Córdoba; in “La Arqueometria en Argentina y Latinoamérica”, Córdoba: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba 2011 p. 35-42.

Bull, Benedicte; “Er det rom for en ‘hveemsk’ tilnærming til utvikling i Latin-Amerika?” Internasjonal Politikk, Vol.69, Issue 2, p. 313-315.

Escalona, Alejandro; Cardozo, Nestor; Zimmermann, Udo; Regional Geology and Main Hydrocarbon Provinces of South America; in Saxe Lysholm (ed.), “Introduction to Petroleum Geology”, Norway: Vitt & Viten ELS, p. 144-164.

Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson; “Fronteras del relato: El hablador de Mario Vargas Llosa -novela o reporte etnográfico?”; Mitologías hoy.

Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson; Literatura, historia y nación: la función legal y subversiva que (ob)tuvo el discurso de Jiménez de Quesada en la instauración y abolición de la Nueva Granada y en la formación de la República de Colombia; in “Jornadas Coloniales Iberoamericanas”,  Vervuert Verlag.

Guillen-Royo, Monica; “Reference group consumption and the subjective wellbeing of the poor in Peru”; Journal of Economic Psychology; Vol.32, Issue 2, p. 259-272.

Guillen-Royo, Monica; Velazco, Jackeline; “Happy villages and unhappy slums? Understanding happiness in urban and rural Peru”; Wellbeing working paper 2011 (11/52).

Hagene, Turid; “Prácticas políticas cotidianas en un pueblo originario en México D.F.: El papel de chisme”; Nueva Antropologia, Issue 73, p. 35-57.

Krøvel, Roy; “Alternative journalism and the relationship between guerrillas and indigenous peoples in Latin America”; Interface: a journal for and about social movements 2011; Vol.3, Issue 2, p. 400-424.

Krøvel, Roy; “A symbiotic relationship: Norwegian diplomacy and Norwegian journalism on war and peace in Guatemala”; Conflict & Communication Online, Vol. 10, Issue 1, p.9.

Krøvel, Roy; The War in Chiapas: The Fall and Rise of Independent Journalism; in Alec Charles and Gavin Stewart (eds.) “The End of Journalism: News in the Twenty-First Century”, Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Krøvel, Roy; “From indios to indígenas: guerrilla perspectives on indigenous peoples and repression in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua”; Interface: a journal for and about social movements, Vol. 3, Issue 1, p. 145-171.

Krøvel, Roy; “Anarchism, The Zapatistas and The Global Solidarity Movement”, Global Discourse: A developmental Journal of Critical Research in Politics and International Relations, Vol.1, Issue II.

Krøvel, Roy; Superior Military Power in Chiapas, Mexico: Celebrity Activism and its Limitations, in Tsaliki, Liza et al. (eds.), "Transnational Celebrity Activism in Global Politics: Changing the World?", Intellect, Bristol.

Leifsen, Esben; “Weaving and dyeing in highland Ecuador”; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2011; Vol. 17, Issue 1, p. 221-222.

Leifsen, Esben; Expressed, muted and silenced: Mestizo childhood and everyday violence in a marginal neighbourhood in Quito, Ecuador; in “Violence Expressed: An Anthropological Approach”; Ashgate, p. 147-165.

Mendes, Humberto Fonseca; Andersen, Trond; “Iporangomberus pei n. gen., n. sp. from southeastern Brazil (Diptera: Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae)” Biota Neotropica, Vol.11, Issue 4.

Mendes, Humberto Fonseca; Andersen, Trond; Jocque, Merlijn; “A new species of Polypedilum Kieffer from bromeliads in Parque Nacional Cusuco, Honduras (Chironomidae: Chironominae)”  Zootaxa, p. 46-54.

Mendes, Humberto Fonseca et al.; “New species and records of Antillocladius Saether and Litocladius Mendes, Andersen et Saether from Brazil and Costa Rica (Chironomidae: Orthocladiinae)”, Zootaxa, Issue 2915, p. 39-51.

Midre, Georges; Andrade, Hector; The Merits of Consensus: Small-Scale Fisheries as a Livelihood Buffer in Livingston, Guatemala; in “Poverty Mosaics: Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries”; Springer Science+Business Media B.V. p. 427-448.

Mæstad, Ottar; Rakner, Lise and Motta Ferraz, Octavio L.; Assessing the impact of health rights litigation : a comparative analysis of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, India and South Africa; in Alicia Ely Yamin and Siri Gloppen (eds.) “Litigating health rights : can courts bring more justice to health?” Human Rights Program Series, p. 446.

Noreng, Øystein; “Brazil and Norway—Offshore Petroleum Experiences and Lessons”; Journal of Energy and Development, Vol. 35, Issue. 1, p. 79-99.

Pellicer, Juan Lopez; “El fresco encanto de la profanación”; Revista de la Universidad de Mexico 2011; Issue 90, p. 50-56.

Ramirez-Orozco, Mario; “De la multiculturalidad a la identidad sutil: una propuesta para la transferencia identitaria”; CIDOB Journal of Afers Internacionals 2011 (93/94).

Sæther, Steinar Andreas; Counting Indians: Census Categories in Late Colonial and Early Republican Spanish America; in Per Axelsson et al. (eds.) “Indigenous Peoples and Demography. The Complex Relation between Identity and Statistics”, Berghahn Books, p. 55-71.

Sæther, Steinar A. and Østrem, Nils Olav; Norwegian emigration to Latin America: numbers, questions and methods; in Nordic migration: research status, perspectives and challenges : rapporter til det 27. nordiske historikermøte, Tromsø 11.-14. August 2011

Yamin, Alicia Ely; Parra-Vera, Oscar and Gianella, Camila;  Colombia: judicial protection of the right to health : an elusive promise? in Alicia Ely Yamin and Siri Gloppen (eds.) “Litigating health rights : can courts bring more justice to health?” Human Rights Program Series, p. 446.

Zimmermann, Udo; Fourie, Pieter et al.; “Provenance and reconnaissance study of detrital zircons of the Palaeozoic Cape Supergroup in South Africa: revealing the interaction of the Kalahari and Rio de la Plata cratons”, International journal of earth sciences, Vol. 100, p. 527-541.

Zimmermann, Udo ;  Poiré, Daniel G. et al.; “Neoproterozoic to Lower Palaeozoic successions of the Tandilia System in Argentina: implication for the palaeotectonic framework of southwest Gondwana”,  International journal of earth sciences, Vol. 100, Issue 2-3, p. 489-510.

Zimmermann, Udo; From fore-arc to foreland: A cross section of the Ordovician in the Central Andes; in “Ordovician of the world”, Madrid: Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, p. 667-674.

Ødegaard, Cecilie Vindal; “Sources of danger and prosperity in the Peruvian Andes: mobility in a powerful landscape”; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 17, Issue 2, p. 339-355.

Ødemark, John; “Genealogies and Analogies of ‘Culture’ in the History of Cultural Translation: on Boturini’s Translation of Tlaloc and Vico in Idea de una nueva historia general de América septentrional (1746).” Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol. 30, p. 38-55.




Bailliet, Cecilia M.; “Towards holistic transnational protection: an overview of international public law approaches to kidnapping”, Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, Vol. 3, Issue 8, p. 581-622.

Bull, Benedicte; Business Participation in Free Trade Negotiations in Chile: Impacts on Environmental and Labour Regulation, in Marques, José Carlos et al. (eds.); “Business, Politics and Public Policy: Implications for Inclusive Development”, Palgrave, Chapter 5, p. 110-134.

Eggebø, Olav; “Free Flow or Morality Bought: On the Construction of Remittances as an Object of Study”; Encuentro, Vol.42, Issue 87, p. 26-37.

Ekern, Stener; “The Production of Autonomy: Leadership and Community in Mayan Guatemala”; Journal of Latin American Studies, (In press).


Ekern, Stener; La comunidad maya en tiempos de cambio: la base del movimiento maya?, in Bastos Amigo, Santiago et al. (eds.); “El movimiento maya en la década después de la paz (1997-2007)”, Guatemala: F&G Editores, chapter 6, p. 201-233.


Ekern, Stener; “The modernizing bias of human rights: stories of mass killings and genocide in Central America”, Journal of Genocide Research, Vol. 12, Issue 3-4.


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Fløysand, Arnt et al.; “La doble jerarquía del desarrollo económico y gobierno local en Chile: El caso de la salmonicultura y los municipios chilotes”, EURE, Vol. 36, Chile.


García-Godos, Jemima; “Addressing Land Restitution in Transitional Justice”; Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p. 122-142.


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* This list is based on registrations in Cristin by researchers in NorLARNet’s researcher database plus individual registrations reported to NorLARNet.



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