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Persons tagged with «Language: Spanish»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alvstad, Cecilia Associate professor 22856798 Language: Spanish, Argentina, Translation, Literature
Cardona, Margrete Dyvik Associate Professor 004792658494 Grammar, Mexico, Linguistics, Language: Spanish, Colombia, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Bolivia, Argentina
Chiquito, Ana B. Associate Professor +47 41219743 Linguistic identity, Latin American Diasporas, Translation, Language policy, Colombia, Informatics, Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Language: Spanish, Educational informatics, Mexico, Costa Rica
Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson Professor 22857126 Peru, History: Colonial, Language: Spanish, Language: Portuguese, Globalization and Transnationalism, Literature, Gender, Colombia, History: Contemporary, Argentina, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Jørgensen, Annette Myre Professor 45425395 / 69608423 Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Linguistic identity, Oral Language, Youth/children, Gender studies, Language: Spanish, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Leer, Lars Associate Professor +47 94883830 Latin American Studies, Ecuador, Technology and Innovation, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Brazil, Language: Spanish, Anthropology, Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Civil Society and Social Movements, Migration, Political Science, Law and Justice
Quesada-Pacheco, Miguel Ángel Professor 55 58 22 94 Linguistics, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Indigenous Languages, Language: Spanish, Belize, Dialectology, Costa Rica, Historical linguistics and language change, Panama, Honduras
Sobrino Triana, Roxana PhD +47 97063287 Grammar, Language: Spanish, Migration, Dialectology, Cuba, Linguistic identity, Dominican Republic, Latin American Studies
Underlid, Even Sandvik PhD 99424536 History, Language: Spanish, Venezuela, Politics and Political Institutions, Cuba, Peru, International Relations, Latin American Studies, History: Contemporary, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Agriculture and Rural Development
Yri, Jørgen Assistant Professor 004793809069 Dominican Republic, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Peace and Conflict, Human Rights, Language: Spanish, Latin American Studies, Migration, History, Civil Society and Social Movements, Haiti