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31 Aug. - 2 Sept. 2016

Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen



After a long decade of economic growth, poverty reduction and political projects aiming at democratic transformations towards more equal societies, deep rooted challenges have resurfaced in Latin America, including corruption, plummeting commodity prices, and social unrest.  Without the attraction of economic growth and social progress, the region is also slipping out of focus in an increasingly troubled Europe, reflected in a dwindling interest in funding research on Latin America and with Latin Americans.

Some argue that this is the end of an era. But how can we understand the ongoing changes and challenges?  What are the lessons to be learned for Europe? What are the new currents in Latin America worth investigating, from a social, cultural or natural science perspective? How and based on what premises can Latin American thinking and knowledge contribute to the emergence of new solutions, not only to its own pressing problems but to similar challenges in other parts of the world? And how can we rethink and continue important partnerships established between Norwegian and Latin American researchers over the last decade? These are among the broad questions to be discussed in this conference. However, we welcome all panels and presentations on Latin America related research.



The 3rd NorLARNet  conference will gather Latin America researchers from Norway and abroad who will
present and discuss their research, while students and others interested are very much welcome to attend
the conference!

The deadline to register for the conference has been extended to 24 August.    

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