After a long decade of economic growth, poverty reduction and political projects aiming at democratic transformations towards more equal societies, deep rooted challenges have resurfaced in Latin America, including corruption, plummeting commodity prices, and social unrest.  Without the attraction of economic growth and social progress, the region is also slipping out of focus in an increasingly troubled Europe, reflected in a dwindling interest in funding research on Latin America and with Latin Americans.

Some argue that this is the end of an era. But how can we understand the ongoing changes and challenges?  What are the lessons to be learned for Europe? What are the new currents in Latin America worth investigating, from a social, cultural or natural science perspective? How and based on what premises can Latin American thinking and knowledge contribute to the emergence of new solutions, not only to its own pressing problems but to similar challenges in other parts of the world? And how can we rethink and continue important partnerships established between Norwegian and Latin American researchers over the last decade?

These are among the broad questions to be discussed in this conference. We invite you to submit proposals for academic panels, papers or presentations that fall within the general theme, or relate to other topics of Latin America research.

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Note: The original   deadline was 1 May, but we still welcome paper proposals. Submissions will be evaluated in dialogue with the panel organizers. Please indicate clearly what panel you would like your paper to be part of.

Proposals for panels, papers and short presentations 1 May (max 250 words)
Papers Papers are to be submitted to the panel organizer by 1 August
Short presentations Last version of the abstract (to be published in the Book of Abstracts) should be submitted to by 1 August (max 250 words)

If a power point will be used, please send the file to by 28 August


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For this year’s conference there will be two options for participants to present their research:

  1. Paper presentations in parallel sessions, for thorough discussions in smaller groups (similar to previous conferences). The panels may be organized in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  2. Brief presentations (10 minutes) in plenary, for more participants to know about your work. The presentations in plenary should be in English.

Please indicate clearly what option you choose!


Option 1 – Paper presentations in parallel sessions

A) Proposals for panels

We invite proposals for panels/workshops on specific themes. Please provide title and abstract (max 250 words) for the panel. The proposals should be submitted to by 1 May 2016.

A panel will comprise a chair and/or commentator and a minimum of three presentations. Panel proposers can nominate all contributors when they submit the proposal, but we encourage proposers to open for additional contributors selected from the incoming individual papers. The accepted panels will be published on our website.


B) Proposals for papers

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted electronically to

Abstract submissions should include a title, author(s), contact information and abstract.

Please indicate if you would like your paper to be part of any of the panels proposed under 1 A (there are no predefined panels).


Option 2 – Short presentations in plenary sessions

This will be organized as plenary sessions consisting of five presentations of ten minutes each. The topic of the presentation could be a concrete research project, or a more general presentation of your research. PowerPoint or similar may be used.

There will be no comments or questions in plenary, but immediately after the session all present will have the possibility to approach the presenters during a mingling session in the lobby area.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted electronically to by 1 May 2016.

Abstract submissions should include a title, author(s), contact information and abstract.

Acceptance will be communicated to authors by 13 May 2016.



Note: We had some technical problems with the set-up of the address, so if you sent an e-mail to this address before 22 March and have not got a response, please send it again.











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