Venstreregimene i Latin-Amerika

Honduras after the coup

Friday 1 October, 19:00     -   Parkteatret, Olaf Ryes plass 11, Oslo




¿Quién dijo miedo? / Who is afraid?

(Spanish with English subtitles; 110 min.)


Introduction by  Victor Meza

(Spanish with interpretation to Norwegian)


Quién Dijo Miedo portrays the popular resistance against the coup in Honduras. The film follows René, a Honduran amateur actor who appeared on television spots promoting the referendum on convening the National Constituent Assembly in Honduras. Along with thousands of other Hondurans, René joined the National Resistance Front against the Coup d'État and took to the streets to voice their protest. Quién Dijo Miedo was filmed over the span of 6 months starting on June 28, 2009, the day of the coup. Filmmakers Katia Lara and Carlos del Valle had to flee the country and finished the film in exile. 

Victor Meza was Minister of Interior in the goverment of Manuel Zelaya, and after the coup in June 2009 he became Zelaya's lead negotiator. Meza is a leading Honduran academic, and he is presently director of the Honduran non-governmental institution Centro de Documentación de Honduras.

Entrance fee: 80,-

 Organizers: Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge, Oslo dokumentarkino and NorLARNet


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