Lunch seminar

REDD and green in Brazil and Norway


With Don Sawyer

Monday 3 October; 12:00-13:30
Centre for Development and the Environment  (SUM), Sognsveien 68, 4th floor, Oslo


Registration here  (a light lunch will be served).

Org.: NorLARNet and SUM


This seminar will discuss major challenges in Brazil related to policies to mitigate climate change and find more sustainable production patterns, including the REDD project, the Amazon Fund and the production of bio fuels. Several of these policies and initiatives are supported by Norway. It will discuss environmental and social impacts of these policies and how both Norway and Brazil make policy mistakes because of insufficient social-ecological, economic and spatial analysis.


Donald Rolfe Sawyer is Vice Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development (Centro de Desenvolvimento Sustentável) of the University of Brasilia and founder and adviser at the Institute for Society, Population and Nature (Brazil). Sawyer is Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University, and he was post doc in Health Science at Yale University and in Humanities at the University of Florida.








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