Friday 26 August 2011

"Updating Socialism": the Politics of Reforms in Cuba



Rafael Hernández

Editor of the influential Cuban journal Temas and a leading Cuban intelectual


Fifty two years after the “Triumph of the Revolution”, Cuba is reviewing some of the old revolutionary principles in order to revive a stagnating economy. Will they succeed, and what will be the political and social consecuences?

NorLARNet will arrange two  meetings, one in English and one in Spanish, with Rafel Hernández, to address these questions.


Event in English:           14:00 - 15:30; Litteraturhuset, (room: Nedjma), Wergelandsveien 29, Oslo

This will be a conversation between Hernández and Norwegian author and political scientist Vegard Bye.
Please register for event in English.


Event in Spanish:         17:00 - 18:30; Sagene Samfunnshus, Kristiandsandsgate 2, Oslo

Hernández will give an introduction, followed by questions and debate.
Organized in cooperation with FLAMME (Foro Latinomérica por democracia, desarrollo y derechos humanos).

Rafael Hernández graduated from the University of Havana with a degree in French literature, and from the Colegio de Mexico in political science. Since the 1970s he has researched and written about Cuban culture, society, history, and politics, Cuba-U.S. relations, and images of Cuba in the U.S. He has been visiting professor and researcher at Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the Woodrow Wilson Center, Tulane, and the University of Puerto Rico, and lectured at numerous other schools and academic conferences. His has published several books and has written on issues like Cuba’s relations to the USA, Cuban dissidents, the history of Havana, Cuban film, as well as the topic of the meetings in Oslo: the ongoing reform process in Cuba.

Hernández is the editor of the Cuban journal Temas. Temas has a unique position in Cuba as an open space for critical debate among intelctuals on the Cuban reality, as well as international topics. The subjects include controversial issues like racism, homofobia and freedom of expression. Temas is also well known for its montly open debate, called “The last Thursday”, were issues treated in temas is discussed in an unusual open atmospehere.

Vegard Bye is a Norwegian political scientist and a leading Norwegian Latin America expert. He has written extensively on Latin American issues, including one book on Cuba,  “Dette er Cuba - alt annet er løgn” (with Dag Hoel, updated edition 2009) and the recent  book “Bolívars uekte sønner. Det nye Sør-Amerika mellom Chávez og Lula” (2010).


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