Breakfast seminar

Comparing New South American Regional Agreements:

A look at divergence and post-neoliberalism


Tuesday 29 October; 12:15 - 13:30

Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM)
4th floor, Sognsveien 68, Oslo


Lunch seminar with Professor Rita Giacalone, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

The seminar is free of charge and open to all. Lunch will be served.

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Organizers: SUM and NorLARNet



The last decade has seen the rise of a number of new regional agreements in South America. They are to different degrees complementary and competing and they evolve at different paces. In this lunch-seminar Rita Giacalone of the Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela discusses recent developments in three of these agreements: ALBA, UNASUR and the Pacific Alliance and analyzes the degree to which they present post-neoliberal alternatives to regional integration and development .


Rita Giacalone is Professor of Economic History at the Department of Economics, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela, and Coordinator of the Regional Integration Research Group. Formerly, she has been Director of the School of Political Science of the same university; Coordinator of REDINRE, an ALFA Program network of European and Latin American universities; and Editor of  Revista Venezolana de Ciencia Política and Revista Agroalimentaria.  She holds a PH.D. in the field of History from Indiana University (U.S.) and has been beneficiary of a Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship.

She has published extensively on regional integration and foreign relations issues. Her latest publications include “Latin American Foreign Policy Analysis: External Influences and Internal Circumstances” Foreign Policy Analysis (Vol. 8 Issue 4, October 2012); “South-South Cooperation: A Bridge between Regionalism and Globalization?” en J. Dargin, ed. Philosophical, Geopolitical, and Economic Trends of the 21st Century (London: World Scientific Books, 2013); and “Cooperación Sur-Sur y empresas en Brasil y Chile” Revista Integración y Comercio 36 (enero-junio 2013).




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