Feminist education in times of rising conservatism in Brazil

Seminar with Djamila Ribeiro and Joanna Burigo, two Brazilian journalists with a vast experience and active presence in feminist debate and initiatives.

Photo credits: Érik da Silva Pastoris (left) and Christian Parente (right)


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Brazil has recently become a leader in gender equality in science. However, although some policies have been successfully implemented, much remains to be done to handle gender inequalities. With conservatism on the rise in Brazil, aspects of gender inequality also worsen.

In this talk two Brazilian researches and journalists, Djamila Ribeiro and Joanna Burigo, will speak about gender relations in Brazil, with a focus on feminist gender-centric educational initiatives, black feminism, and intersectionality of race and gender. Their main argument is that gender relations should be understood not just as social issues, but rather as pillars of what constitutes society. Thus, efforts to promote and achieve significant changes cannot depend solely on policy. A change of this magnitude requires systematic, large-scale and all-round resignifications of culture itself.


Djamila Ribeiro is a writer, researcher, journalist and a leader in the debate of racial and gender relations and feminism. Ribeiro has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (UNIFESP, 2012) and a Master in Political Philosophy (UNESP, 2015), with an emphasis on feminist theory. She has worked as a researcher at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). She writes for Carta Capital (both printed form and online magazine) and is a collaborator in Boitempo's blog and AzMina Magazine, as well as #AgoraÉQueSão (blog of Folha de São Paulo). Ribeiro has a strong presence in the digital environment, and believes that it is important to use the internet as a tool in the militancy of black women. She worked as Undersecretary of the Municipal Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship of São Paulo, during the administration of the Mayor Fernando Haddad. Ribeiro has also worked as a presenter in the TV Channel Futura.


Joanna Burigo is the founder of Casa da Mãe Joanna, a feminist experiment in communication and gender education. She has worked in the advertising and marketing sector in Brazil and in the United Kingdom, where she also worked as a teacher. Since completing her Masters in Gender, Media and Culture at the London School of Economics, she has been devoting herself to a number of feminist endeavors on gender and their intersections, such as Guerreiras Project (project that uses female soccer as platform for debate), Gender Hub (network of researchers), Mazi Mas (restaurant of immigrant women) and Emancipa Mulher (school for feminist emancipation and anti-racist struggle). She writes regularly for Carta Capital.


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