The NAFTA renegotiations: Possible outcomes and impact on business

Lunch seminar with Dr. Antonio Ortiz-Mena, a leading expert on NAFTA issues; organized in co-operation with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).


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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that includes Mexico, Canada and the USA, has been in effect since 1994 and thoroughly reshaped not only the relationship between the three countries, but global trade and production in several sectors. After Trump's electoral promise to scrap it, a process of renegotiation is now underway. The fourth round ended in October in an exchange of insults and with few signs of a new agreement. In this lunch-seminar, Dr. Antonio Ortiz-Mena, expert on NAFTA issues, will discuss what we can expect from the 5fth round of negotiations to start on November 17th, and what impact possible outcomes of the negotiations will have for trade in the Western Hemisphere and beyond.


Antonio Ortiz-Mena is a Senior Vice President at Albright Stonebridge Group. He served for over eight years as the Head of Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Mexico in the United States, advising U.S. companies with a presence in Mexico and Mexican companies with a presence in the U.S. on regulatory and government issues. In this role, he served as the Embassy Liaison with the IMF, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as the G20 and the Mexico-U.S. High-level Economic Dialogue.

From 1999 to 2007, Dr. Ortiz-Mena was a Professor of International Political Economy at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics in Mexico City. Dr. Ortiz-Mena began his career in the Mexican government, where he held multiple senior advisory roles in the NAFTA Negotiation Office of the Ministry of Trade and Industrial Development, the Ministry of Fisheries and the Budget and Programming Ministry. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science, with a focus on International Political Economy, from the University of California, San Diego, where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar, and a M.A. from the University of London.

Published Oct. 30, 2017 10:17 AM - Last modified Nov. 3, 2017 2:04 PM