Nicaragua: Can peace and democracy be restored?

Lecture, in Spanish, by leading expert on Nicaraguan politics, Professor Salvador Martí i Puig, followed by a panel discussion, in English.

Photo: Jorge Mejía peralta / flickr

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Nicaragua hoy: ¿primavera política o cierre autoritario?


Conferencia de Salvador Martí i Puig



How to restore peace and democracy in Nicaragua?


Panel discussion with

Salvador Martí i Puig, Universidad de Girona

Mariel Aguilar-Støen, University of Oslo

Stener Ekern, University of Oslo

Vegard Bye, Scanteam

Moderator: Benedicte Bull, University of Oslo / NorLARNet

Since the repression of the demonstrations against the government of Daniel Ortega started in April, Nicaragua has moved from being peaceful, albeit corrupt and authoritarian country, towards a brutal dictatorship. In this seminar, we will first get a thorough analysis of the situation and the process that led to it by leading expert on Nicaraguan politics, Professor Salvador Martí i Puig of Universidad de Girona (in Spanish). This is followed by a panel discussion on how the international community can contribute to protect human rights, avoid further bloodshed and find a peaceful solution to the crisis (in English).  


Foto: Universitat de Girona

Salvador Martí i Puig es profesor de Ciencia Política de la Universidad de Girona (España) e investigador asociado del CIDOB-Barcelona y del Instituto de Iberoamérica de la Universidad de Salamanca. Sus investigaciones se centran en la política latinoamericana, en especial sobre cambios de régimen, democratización y des-democratización, movimientos sociales, pueblos indígenas y conflicto medioambiental. Entre sus publicaciones destacan los libros Nicaragua 1979-1990: La revolución enredada (La Catarata 1997); Chiapas a deshora: Resistencia & Pintura Mural (Acontravent 2012) Ciencia Política. Un Manual (Ariel 2015) con Josep M Vallès; y ha editado entre otras obras The Sandinistas and Nicaragua since 1979 (Lynne Rienner 2012) con David Close; Democracy in Mexico: Attitudes and perceptions of citizens at national and local level (Routledge 2014) con Reynaldo Ortega; Handbook on Central American Governance (Routledge 2014) con Diego Sánchez-Ancoechea.

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