Persons tagged with «Anthropology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aasmundsen, Hans Geir Researcher (+47) 47243996 Sociology, Brazil, Religions: The study of, Religion in politics, Argentina, Anthropology, Religions and Beliefs
Cañás Bottos, Lorenzo Associate Professor 735 96872 Argentina, Anthropology, Bolivia, Religions and Beliefs, Globalization and Transnationalism, Ethnology, Lifestyle and Society, Migration, State and Nation Building
De Korne, Haley Post-doctoral researcher +4796964640 Pedagogy, Language policy, Linguistics, Social change, Mexico, Sociolinguistics, Indigenous Languages, Education, Linguistic identity, Anthropology
Douglas, Marcela Researcher 776 46471 Communication; Information; Media Studies, Human Rights, Anthropology, Chile, Social Aesthetics, Violence and Security, Film
Eggebø, Olav Assosiate professor 51799506 Migration, Anthropology, Nicaragua, Globalization and Transnationalism, Development and Economy, Latin American Diasporas
Ekern, Stener Associate Professor 414 97 886 Human Rights, Nicaragua, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Peru, Anthropology, Law and Justice, Paraguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Politics and Political Institutions, Guatemala, Development cooperation
Guzmán-Gallegos, María A. Postdoktor +47-22854042 Brazil, Civil Society and Social Movements, Anthropology, Peru, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecuador, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability
Hagene, Turid Professor Emeritus +47 67 23 72 30 +47 470 95 027 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Nicaragua, Development Studies, Religions and Beliefs, Latin American Studies, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, History, Development cooperation, Mexico
Haslie, Nina Alnes PhD Candidate 48286222 Poverty and Inequality, Tourism and leisure, Cuba, Development and Economy, Nicaragua, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Migration, Anthropology
Kaarhus, Randi Professor +4767231361 Politics and Political Institutions, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecuador, Energy and Natural Resources, Development Studies, Brazil, Peru, Agriculture and Rural Development, Anthropology
Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor (+47)22855716 Politics and Political Institutions, Dominican Republic, Anthropology
Kvernflaten, Birgit PhD candidate 93669684 Anthropology, Health and Medicine, Development Studies, Guatemala, Public health, Poverty and Inequality, Human Rights, Gender, Nicaragua
Leer, Lars Associate Professor +47 94883830 Latin American Studies, Ecuador, Technology and Innovation, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Brazil, Language: Spanish, Anthropology, Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Civil Society and Social Movements, Migration, Political Science, Law and Justice
Leifsen, Esben Associate professor 67 23 13 28 Ecuador, Bolivia, Anthropology, Guatemala, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Youth/children, Development Studies, Mining, Peru, Human Rights, Energy and Natural Resources
Lunde, Henriette Researcher +47 22088700/22088712 (dir)/91864247 (mob) Development Studies, Violence and Security, Migration, Youth/children, Anthropology, Education, Employment, Haiti, Political Science
Manzanares Monter, Sara Alejandra PhD student 22854996 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Kinship and family, Law and Justice, Gender, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Mexico
McNeish, John-Andrew Senior Researcher/ Associate Professor 0047 97016014/ 55574176 Archaeology, Development Studies, Anthropology, Energy and Natural Resources, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Studies, Gender, Violence and Security, Development and Economy
Natvig, Anne PhD candidate 99618704 Anthropology, Journalism, Nicaragua, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Cuba, Sociology
Ødegaard, Cecilie Vindal Post.doc. +47 55 58 92 71 Anthropology, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Development Studies, Gender, Peru, Employment, Gender studies, Migration, Trade
Salinas, Cecilia Guadalupe Senior lecturer +47 47059347 Politics and Political Institutions, Climate, Argentina, Biodiversity, Anthropology, Uruguay, History: Colonial, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Schneider, Arnd Professor 22857625 Paraguay, Ethnology, Anthropology, Migration, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecuador, Uruguay, Film, Art and Theatre, Argentina, Architecture
Solomon, Thomas James Professor 55 586 982 Indigenous Languages, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Performing Arts, Bolivia, Music, Anthropology
Sørhaug, Christian Associate Professor +4792210819 Nicaragua, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Venezuela, Poverty and Inequality, Technology and Innovation, Anthropology, Migration, Urbanism and Urban Planning
Stensrud, Astrid Bredholt Postdoctoral Fellow 22844399 Anthropology, Climate, Development and Economy, Poverty and Inequality, Peru, Welfare and Social Politics, Migration
Steuernagel, Carolina Borges Rau PhD candidate +47 48348032 Gender studies, Anthropology, Public health, Health and Medicine, Biology, Brazil, Medicine, Sociology, Public health, Politics and Political Institutions