Persons tagged with «Argentina»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aasmundsen, Hans Geir Researcher (+47) 47243996 Sociology, Brazil, Religions: The study of, Religion in politics, Argentina, Anthropology, Religions and Beliefs
Alvstad, Cecilia Associate professor 22856798 Language: Spanish, Argentina, Translation, Literature
Andersen, Trond Assoc. professor +47 55 582962 Costa Rica, Honduras, Water, Brazil, Argentina, Belize, El Salvador, Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Cuba, Zoology, Bolivia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Energy and Natural Resources, Mexico
Buck, Marcus Associate professor 77 64 56 41 99296534 Argentina, Politics and Political Institutions, Chile, Political Science
Cañás Bottos, Lorenzo Associate Professor 735 96872 Argentina, Anthropology, Bolivia, Religions and Beliefs, Globalization and Transnationalism, Ethnology, Lifestyle and Society, Migration, State and Nation Building
Cardona, Margrete Dyvik Associate Professor 004792658494 Grammar, Mexico, Linguistics, Language: Spanish, Colombia, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Bolivia, Argentina
Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson Professor 22857126 Peru, History: Colonial, Language: Spanish, Language: Portuguese, Globalization and Transnationalism, Literature, Gender, Colombia, History: Contemporary, Argentina, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Jørgensen, Annette Myre Professor 45425395 / 69608423 Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Linguistic identity, Oral Language, Youth/children, Gender studies, Language: Spanish, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Lopez Pellicer, Juan Professor Emeritus 47 854885 Political Science, Argentina, Law, Civil Society and Social Movements, Literature, Law and Justice, Colombia, Venezuela, Film, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico
Marsteintredet, Leiv Associate professor +47 55 58 30 42 +47 412 71 154 Political Science, Politics and Political Institutions, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Development and Economy, Latin American Studies, International Relations, Venezuela
Mosenson, Marcos Fabián Researcher, Instructor, PhD Candidate +47 986 21 740 +47 35 95 25 70 Brazil, Lifestyle and Society, Uruguay, Politics and Political Institutions, Globalization and Transnationalism, Civil Society and Social Movements, Socioloy, Journalism, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Argentina
Nymark, Johannes Associate Professor 55959429 Linguistics, Chile, International Relations, Human Rights, History, Argentina, History: Contemporary, Paraguay, Uruguay
Opsvik, Tor Senior Lecturer 22854885 Latin American Studies, Chile, History, Politics and Political Institutions, History: Contemporary, Social change, Sociology, Argentina
Rusch, Graciela M. Senior research scientist +47 93008503 Development studies, Brazil, Costa Rica, Energy and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development, Argentina, Biodiversity, Nicaragua, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Ecology, Climate, Botany, Forestry, Environmental Studies, Biology, Agronomy
Salinas, Cecilia Guadalupe Senior lecturer +47 47059347 Politics and Political Institutions, Climate, Argentina, Biodiversity, Anthropology, Uruguay, History: Colonial, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Schneider, Arnd Professor 22857625 Paraguay, Ethnology, Anthropology, Migration, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecuador, Uruguay, Film, Art and Theatre, Argentina, Architecture
Skaar, Elin Senior Researcher +47 99429355 Human Rights, Argentina, Politics and Political Institutions, Uruguay, Chile, Law and Justice, Political Science
Sønneland, Anne Margrethe Førstelektor (associate professor) 22 45 18 59 Welfare and Social Politics, Peru, Argentina, Sociology, Human Rights, Civil Society and Social Movements
Stølen, Kristi Anne Professor Emeritus 22858980 Argentina, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, Anthropology, Guatemala, Social change, Peace and Conflict, Agriculture and Rural Development