Persons tagged with «Climate»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aamodt, Solveig Researcher and PhD student +4797501747 / +4722858779 Energy and natural resources, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Climate, Brazil, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, International Relations, Politics and Political Institutions
Cepeda, Jose Researcher 460 58 168 Seismology, Peru, El Salvador, Energy and Natural Resources, Honduras, Technology and Innovation, Urbanism and Urban Planning, Geohazards, Geology, Climate, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua
Deelstra, Johannes Researcher +4792699501 Guatemala, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Climate, Environmental Studies, Water, Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia, Nicaragua, Hydrology, Agronomy, Uruguay
Golmen, Lars G. Senior scientist +4747890957 gol* Water, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Costa Rica, Development Studies, Climate, Venezuela, Physics, Chemistry, Aquaculture; Marine Biology, Energy and Natural Resources
Klingen, Ingeborg Head of Department of Invertebrate Pests +47 93 09 22 11 Biology, Climate, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Brazil, Entomology, Zoology, Ecology, Agronomy, Cuba, Biodiversity, Pest control and management, Medical Entomology, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Leira, Torkjell Adviser +47-22851681 (+47) 41 40 50 97 Development cooperation, Climate, Language: Portuguese, Geography: Human, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Civil Society and Social Movements, Brazil
Moe, Jannicke Researcher +47 908 98 108 Zoology, Cuba, Biodiversity, Water, Climate, Biology, Costa Rica, Mathematics, Geography: Physical, Mexico, Aquaculture, Chemistry, Informatics, Aquaculture; Marine Biology, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability
Rizzi, Jonathan Research Scientist +47 48347537 Ecuador, Geomatics, Climate, Earth observation, Hydrology, Geohazards, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Meteorology, Environmental Studies, Biodiversity, Water, Informatics, Forestry
Rusch, Graciela M. Senior research scientist +47 93008503 Development studies, Brazil, Costa Rica, Energy and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development, Argentina, Biodiversity, Nicaragua, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Ecology, Climate, Botany, Forestry, Environmental Studies, Biology, Agronomy
Salinas, Cecilia Guadalupe Senior lecturer +47 47059347 Politics and Political Institutions, Climate, Argentina, Biodiversity, Anthropology, Uruguay, History: Colonial, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Stensrud, Astrid Bredholt Postdoctoral Fellow 22844399 Anthropology, Climate, Development and Economy, Poverty and Inequality, Peru, Welfare and Social Politics, Migration