Persons tagged with «Colombia»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Cardona, Margrete Dyvik Associate Professor 004792658494 Grammar, Mexico, Linguistics, Language: Spanish, Colombia, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Bolivia, Argentina
Chiquito, Ana B. Associate Professor +47 41219743 Linguistic identity, Latin American Diasporas, Translation, Language policy, Colombia, Informatics, Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Language: Spanish, Educational informatics, Mexico, Costa Rica
Deelstra, Johannes Researcher +4792699501 Guatemala, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Climate, Environmental Studies, Water, Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia, Nicaragua, Hydrology, Agronomy, Uruguay
García-Godos, Jemima Associate Professor 22855293 Peace and Conflict, Law and Justice, Colombia, Violence and Security, Peru, Guatemala, Human Rights, Geography: Human, Politics and Political Institutions, Development Studies
González Rojas, María-Fernanda Research assistant +47 94856019 Colombia, Latin American Studies, Development and Economy, Literature, Film, Chile, Civil society and social movements, Education, Mexico, Linguistic identity
Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson Professor 22857126 Peru, History: Colonial, Language: Spanish, Language: Portuguese, Globalization and Transnationalism, Literature, Gender, Colombia, History: Contemporary, Argentina, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples
Haugaasen, Torbjørn Associate Professor 64965769 Biodiversity, Colombia, Ecology, Peru, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Brazil, Biology, Botany
Helmcke, Cornelia PhD candidate 67231381 Development Studies, Colombia, Geography: Human, Peace and Conflict, Environmental Studies, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Energy and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development, Civil Society and Social Movements
Krøvel, Roy Professor 67 23 83 27 917 54 425 Peace and Conflict, Journalism, History, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecology, Development cooperation, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Mexico, History: Contemporary, Nicaragua, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Colombia
Lopez Pellicer, Juan Professor Emeritus 47 854885 Political Science, Argentina, Law, Civil Society and Social Movements, Literature, Law and Justice, Colombia, Venezuela, Film, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico
Overgaard, Hans J. Research scientist +47 64965442 Colombia, Tropical diseases, Public health, Education, Zoology, Water, Entomology, Public health, Medical entomology
Sæther, Steinar A. Associate Professor 22858246 Development and Economy, History, Colombia, History: Colonial, Politics and Political Institutions, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Studies, History: Contemporary
Wiig, Henrik Researcher +47 47757509 Journalism, Development and Economy, Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Development Studies, Peru, Colombia, Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability