Persons tagged with «Development and Economy»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bull, Benedicte Professor (47) 22 85 89 02 Business and Industry, Development Studies, Political Science, Chile, Politics and Political Institutions, Latin American Studies, Development and Economy, Globalization and Transnationalism, Honduras, El Salvador, State and Nation Building
Eggebø, Olav Assosiate professor 51799506 Migration, Anthropology, Nicaragua, Globalization and Transnationalism, Development and Economy, Latin American Diasporas
González Rojas, María-Fernanda Research assistant +47 94856019 Colombia, Latin American Studies, Development and Economy, Literature, Film, Chile, Civil society and social movements, Education, Mexico, Linguistic identity
Guillen-Royo, Monica Researcher 22858926 Development and Economy, Development Studies, Economics, Lifestyle and Society, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Sociology, Peru, Poverty and Inequality, Welfare and Social Politics
Haslie, Nina Alnes PhD Candidate 48286222 Poverty and Inequality, Tourism and leisure, Cuba, Development and Economy, Nicaragua, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Migration, Anthropology
Kasahara, Yuri Researcher 41269441 Political Science, Nicaragua, Development and Economy, Civil Society and Social Movements, Brazil, Politics and Political Institutions, Guatemala, Globalization and Transnationalism, Costa Rica, Business economics, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Business and Industry
Marsteintredet, Leiv Associate professor +47 55 58 30 42 +47 412 71 154 Political Science, Politics and Political Institutions, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Development and Economy, Latin American Studies, International Relations, Venezuela
McNeish, John-Andrew Senior Researcher/ Associate Professor 0047 97016014/ 55574176 Archaeology, Development Studies, Anthropology, Energy and Natural Resources, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Studies, Gender, Violence and Security, Development and Economy
Ranestad, Kristin Post-doc 45708065 History, Development and Economy, Education, Technology and Innovation, Chile, Mining, History: Contemporary
Sæther, Steinar A. Associate Professor 22858246 Development and Economy, History, Colombia, History: Colonial, Politics and Political Institutions, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Studies, History: Contemporary
Stensrud, Astrid Bredholt Postdoctoral Fellow 22844399 Anthropology, Climate, Development and Economy, Poverty and Inequality, Peru, Welfare and Social Politics, Migration
Tisdel, Michelle A. Associate Professor/Research Librarian +47 948 74 487 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Development and Economy, Human Rights, Cuba, Tourism and leisure, Cultural History, Latin American diasporas
Wiig, Henrik Researcher +47 47757509 Journalism, Development and Economy, Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Development Studies, Peru, Colombia, Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability