Persons tagged with «Human Rights»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Douglas, Marcela Researcher 776 46471 Communication; Information; Media Studies, Human Rights, Anthropology, Chile, Social Aesthetics, Violence and Security, Film
Ekern, Stener Associate Professor 414 97 886 Human Rights, Nicaragua, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Peru, Anthropology, Law and Justice, Paraguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Politics and Political Institutions, Guatemala, Development cooperation
García-Godos, Jemima Associate Professor 22855293 Peace and Conflict, Law and Justice, Colombia, Violence and Security, Peru, Guatemala, Human Rights, Geography: Human, Politics and Political Institutions, Development Studies
Kvernflaten, Birgit PhD candidate 93669684 Anthropology, Health and Medicine, Development Studies, Guatemala, Public health, Poverty and Inequality, Human Rights, Gender, Nicaragua
Leifsen, Esben Associate professor 67 23 13 28 Ecuador, Bolivia, Anthropology, Guatemala, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Youth/children, Development Studies, Mining, Peru, Human Rights, Energy and Natural Resources
Lien, Ingrid Hovda Adviser 48006311 Guatemala, Human Rights, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Public Administration and Regulations, Political Science, Civil Society and Social Movements
Nymark, Johannes Associate Professor 55959429 Linguistics, Chile, International Relations, Human Rights, History, Argentina, History: Contemporary, Paraguay, Uruguay
Skaar, Elin Senior Researcher +47 99429355 Human Rights, Argentina, Politics and Political Institutions, Uruguay, Chile, Law and Justice, Political Science
Sønneland, Anne Margrethe Førstelektor (associate professor) 22 45 18 59 Welfare and Social Politics, Peru, Argentina, Sociology, Human Rights, Civil Society and Social Movements
Tisdel, Michelle A. Associate Professor/Research Librarian +47 948 74 487 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Development and Economy, Human Rights, Cuba, Tourism and leisure, Cultural History, Latin American diasporas
Vaca, Wladimir Alfredo Chavez Associate Professor 95277897 Cultural History, Art and Theatre, Latin American Studies, History: Contemporary, Ecuador, Migration, Human Rights, Literature, Gender
Yri, Jørgen Assistant Professor 004793809069 Dominican Republic, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Peace and Conflict, Human Rights, Language: Spanish, Latin American Studies, Migration, History, Civil Society and Social Movements, Haiti