Persons tagged with «Mexico»

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Andersen, Trond Assoc. professor +47 55 582962 Costa Rica, Honduras, Water, Brazil, Argentina, Belize, El Salvador, Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Cuba, Zoology, Bolivia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Energy and Natural Resources, Mexico
Cardona, Margrete Dyvik Associate Professor 004792658494 Grammar, Mexico, Linguistics, Language: Spanish, Colombia, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Bolivia, Argentina
Chiquito, Ana B. Associate Professor +47 41219743 Linguistic identity, Latin American Diasporas, Translation, Language policy, Colombia, Informatics, Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Language: Spanish, Educational informatics, Mexico, Costa Rica
De Korne, Haley Post-doctoral researcher +4796964640 Pedagogy, Language policy, Linguistics, Social change, Mexico, Sociolinguistics, Indigenous Languages, Education, Linguistic identity, Anthropology
González Rojas, María-Fernanda Research assistant +47 94856019 Colombia, Latin American Studies, Development and Economy, Literature, Film, Chile, Civil society and social movements, Education, Mexico, Linguistic identity
Hagene, Turid Professor Emeritus +47 67 23 72 30 +47 470 95 027 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Nicaragua, Development Studies, Religions and Beliefs, Latin American Studies, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Gender, History, Development cooperation, Mexico
Krøvel, Roy Professor 67 23 83 27 917 54 425 Peace and Conflict, Journalism, History, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Ecology, Development cooperation, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Mexico, History: Contemporary, Nicaragua, Communication; Information; Media Studies, Colombia
Leer, Lars Associate Professor +47 94883830 Latin American Studies, Ecuador, Technology and Innovation, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Brazil, Language: Spanish, Anthropology, Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Civil Society and Social Movements, Migration, Political Science, Law and Justice
Lopez Pellicer, Juan Professor Emeritus 47 854885 Political Science, Argentina, Law, Civil Society and Social Movements, Literature, Law and Justice, Colombia, Venezuela, Film, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico
Løtveit, Morten Associate Professor +4762517737 /+4790582726 History: Contemporary, Mexico, History
Manzanares Monter, Sara Alejandra PhD student 22854996 Politics and Political Institutions, Anthropology, Kinship and family, Law and Justice, Gender, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Mexico
Marsteintredet, Leiv Associate professor +47 55 58 30 42 +47 412 71 154 Political Science, Politics and Political Institutions, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Development and Economy, Latin American Studies, International Relations, Venezuela
Milford, Anna Researcher 99049836 Economics, Mexico, Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development
Moe, Jannicke Researcher +47 908 98 108 Zoology, Cuba, Biodiversity, Water, Climate, Biology, Costa Rica, Mathematics, Geography: Physical, Mexico, Aquaculture, Chemistry, Informatics, Aquaculture; Marine Biology, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability
Ødemark, John Associate professor 95 00 72 14 History: Colonial, Ethnology, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Cultural History, History, Latin American Studies, Globalization and Transnationalism, Mexico, Brazil, Translation
Penalver, Ruben PhD Venezuelan History +47 48348609 History, International Relations, Education, Literature, History: Contemporary, Venezuela, Civil Society and Social Movements, Cultural History, Mexico, Latin American Studies, Pedagogy
Salkjelsvik, Kari Soriano Associate Professor +4755582274 Latin American Studies, Gender, Art and Theatre, Literature, Mexico
Solli, Audun Research coordinator Communication; Information; Media Studies, History: Contemporary, Political Science, Venezuela, Mexico, History, Social change
Støen, Mariel Aguilar Associate professor 22858885 Guatemala, Costa Rica, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Migration, Environmental Studies, Mexico, Nicaragua, Development Studies, Agronomy, Forestry, Energy and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development
Ursin, Marit Associate professor +47 92459411 Urbanism and Urban Planning, Sociology, Anthropology, Youth/children, Mexico, Poverty and Inequality, Brazil, Violence and Security
Wynne, Kimberly Researcher 40245560 Dominican Republic, Mexico, Migration, Haiti, Violence and Security, Health and Medicine, Anthropology, Poverty and Inequality, Gender