Persons tagged with «Political Science»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aamodt, Solveig Researcher and PhD student +4797501747 / +4722858779 Energy and natural resources, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Climate, Brazil, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, International Relations, Politics and Political Institutions
Bjune, Maren Christensen PhD candidate 41402083 Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Civil Society and Social Movements, Politics and Political Institutions, Political Science, Religion in politics, Religions and Beliefs
Buck, Marcus Associate professor 77 64 56 41 99296534 Argentina, Politics and Political Institutions, Chile, Political Science
Bull, Benedicte Professor (47) 22 85 89 02 Business and Industry, Development Studies, Political Science, Chile, Politics and Political Institutions, Latin American Studies, Development and Economy, Globalization and Transnationalism, Honduras, El Salvador, State and Nation Building
Kasahara, Yuri Researcher 41269441 Political Science, Nicaragua, Development and Economy, Civil Society and Social Movements, Brazil, Politics and Political Institutions, Guatemala, Globalization and Transnationalism, Costa Rica, Business economics, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Business and Industry
Leer, Lars Associate Professor +47 94883830 Latin American Studies, Ecuador, Technology and Innovation, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Brazil, Language: Spanish, Anthropology, Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Civil Society and Social Movements, Migration, Political Science, Law and Justice
Lien, Ingrid Hovda Adviser 48006311 Guatemala, Human Rights, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Public Administration and Regulations, Political Science, Civil Society and Social Movements
Lopez Pellicer, Juan Professor Emeritus 47 854885 Political Science, Argentina, Law, Civil Society and Social Movements, Literature, Law and Justice, Colombia, Venezuela, Film, Nicaragua, Politics and Political Institutions, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico
Lunde, Henriette Researcher +47 22088700/22088712 (dir)/91864247 (mob) Development Studies, Violence and Security, Migration, Youth/children, Anthropology, Education, Employment, Haiti, Political Science
Marsteintredet, Leiv Associate professor +47 55 58 30 42 +47 412 71 154 Political Science, Politics and Political Institutions, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Development and Economy, Latin American Studies, International Relations, Venezuela
Pahle, Simon Associate Professor +47 920 27 456 Brazil, Agriculture and Rural Development, Development Studies, Globalization and Transnationalism, Trade, Political Science, Employment, Civil Society and Social Movements
Ranum, Elin Cecilie Head of program department +47 96229600; elin Politics and Political Institutions, El Salvador, History, Honduras, Guatemala, History: Contemporary, Nicaragua, Violence and Security, Political Science, Agriculture and Rural Development
Skaar, Elin Senior Researcher +47 99429355 Human Rights, Argentina, Politics and Political Institutions, Uruguay, Chile, Law and Justice, Political Science
Solli, Audun Research coordinator Communication; Information; Media Studies, History: Contemporary, Political Science, Venezuela, Mexico, History, Social change