Persons tagged with «Violence and Security»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Douglas, Marcela Researcher 776 46471 Communication; Information; Media Studies, Human Rights, Anthropology, Chile, Social Aesthetics, Violence and Security, Film
García-Godos, Jemima Associate Professor 22855293 Peace and Conflict, Law and Justice, Colombia, Violence and Security, Peru, Guatemala, Human Rights, Geography: Human, Politics and Political Institutions, Development Studies
Lunde, Henriette Researcher +47 22088700/22088712 (dir)/91864247 (mob) Development Studies, Violence and Security, Migration, Youth/children, Anthropology, Education, Employment, Haiti, Political Science
McNeish, John-Andrew Senior Researcher/ Associate Professor 0047 97016014/ 55574176 Archaeology, Development Studies, Anthropology, Energy and Natural Resources, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples, Latin American Studies, Gender, Violence and Security, Development and Economy
Pettersen, Kaare Torgny Professor +47 95244223 Education, Sexual abuse of children, Social work, Welfare and Social Politics, Poverty and Inequality, Brazil, Violence and Security
Ranum, Elin Cecilie Head of program department +47 96229600; elin Politics and Political Institutions, El Salvador, History, Honduras, Guatemala, History: Contemporary, Nicaragua, Violence and Security, Political Science, Agriculture and Rural Development
Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter Researcher +47 45221558 Welfare and Social Politics, Venezuela, Violence and Security, Development Studies, Politics and Political Institutions, Latin American Studies, Civil Society and Social Movements, Poverty and Inequality, Anthropology
Ursin, Marit Associate professor +47 92459411 Urbanism and Urban Planning, Sociology, Anthropology, Youth/children, Mexico, Poverty and Inequality, Brazil, Violence and Security
Wynne, Kimberly Researcher 40245560 Dominican Republic, Mexico, Migration, Haiti, Violence and Security, Health and Medicine, Anthropology, Poverty and Inequality, Gender
Ystanes, Margit Postdoctor 99250903 Gender, Brazil, Violence and Security, Anthropology, Development cooperation, Guatemala, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Poverty and Inequality