Persons tagged with «Water»

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Andersen, Trond Assoc. professor +47 55 582962 Costa Rica, Honduras, Water, Brazil, Argentina, Belize, El Salvador, Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Cuba, Zoology, Bolivia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Energy and Natural Resources, Mexico
Deelstra, Johannes Researcher +4792699501 Guatemala, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Climate, Environmental Studies, Water, Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia, Nicaragua, Hydrology, Agronomy, Uruguay
Golmen, Lars G. Senior scientist +4747890957 gol* Water, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Costa Rica, Development Studies, Climate, Venezuela, Physics, Chemistry, Aquaculture; Marine Biology, Energy and Natural Resources
Hermann, Roberto Rivas Postdoctoral fellow +47 75 51 78 39 Water, Ecuador, Environmental Studies, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Business economics, Technology and Innovation, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Business and Industry
Moe, Jannicke Researcher +47 908 98 108 Zoology, Cuba, Biodiversity, Water, Climate, Biology, Costa Rica, Mathematics, Geography: Physical, Mexico, Aquaculture, Chemistry, Informatics, Aquaculture; Marine Biology, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability
Overgaard, Hans J. Research scientist +47 64965442 Colombia, Tropical diseases, Public health, Education, Zoology, Water, Entomology, Public health, Medical entomology
Rizzi, Jonathan Research Scientist +47 48347537 Ecuador, Geomatics, Climate, Earth observation, Hydrology, Geohazards, Environment; Ecology; Sustainability, Meteorology, Environmental Studies, Biodiversity, Water, Informatics, Forestry