Convocatoria: Beca de NorLARNet para estudiante de la región de Oslo

NorLARNet otorgará una beca de 4.000 coronas mensuales para un período de 7 meses (noviembre de 2017 - mayo de 2018)  a un estudiante de maestría inscrito en una institución académica de la región de Oslo.

Fecha límite para solicitar: 10 de octubre de 2017.

The Norwegian Latin America Research Network (NorLARNet) was established in 2008. The network is aimed at establishing a permanent environment for the strengthening of knowledge about Latin America in Norway.  It will award a scholarship of 4,000 kroner per month for a period of seven months (November 2017 - May 2018) to a student enrolled at an academic institution in the Oslo area who will write a master thesis on a topic that is related to Latin America. The student will be given office space at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) at the University of Oslo.

The student will be selected according to quality of master thesis outline, grades received at bachelor level, language skills (English/Spanish/Portuguese) and other qualifications (work experience, etc.). The recipient of the scholarship will be expected to assist with tasks related to seminars and information activities conducted by NorLARNet, and is hence expected to be present at SUM during most of the scholarship period. The recipient should also write an article addressed to the general public based on his/her research.

Interested students should send an application, by preference in English or Norwegian, to by 10 October 2017, including:
• CV
• Confirmation of enrolment in a Master Program at an academic institution in the Oslo area
• Master thesis outline of aprox. three pages (see template below)
• Transcript of the bachelor grades and documentation of language skills / other experience if relevant.
• A basic timetable, showing time for fieldwork and presence at place of study.
• Information on funding from other sources (except Lånekassen)


For more information, please contact NorLARNet at or 22 85 89 02/ 22 85 89 06


Main elements of the master thesis outline (aprox. three pages)


Main elements


What is it?


What is it not?


Problem statement / Research question A statement about what you want to explain / understand in the thesis, or a specific question you want to find an answer to.

Take as the point of departure something you would like to know (theoretically or empirically).

- A loosely defined topic.

- Future oriented questions (e.g. beginning with “how can”, “how may”)

- Questions with a lot of sub questions


Hypotheses and/or arguments


A clarification of the issues you want to investigate in order to discuss the problem.


- Unfounded assertions

- Purely theoretical ideas.

Discussion of theories and main concepts


A theoretical delimitation of reality (how to use theory to single out the aspects of reality you want to focus on). A way to place your study in relation to other studies. - A broad listing of literature with little relation to the problem.
Design, sources, data and methodology Clarification of the connection between theory and your research plan. Clarification of the connection between concepts and data. Outline of the procedure for collection of data.

- Loose categories (such as stating that you will use qualitative methods).

- Examination of methodology without relating it to the problem and theory.


Table of contents


Overview of the structure of the thesis.


Literature The sources of the references you have made to literature.


- A broad overview of literature you have read / intend to read


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